The Dingo’s Call

Feel the sonic vibrations of one of the world’s most ancient instruments soothing your body and mind… ideal for spiritual gatherings, churches, and meditation events.


My name is Matthew McKinzie, and I have been playing the didgeridoo since 2013, although my fascination with this mystic instrument goes back much further. I give respect to the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia for their music and culture.


I have played solo as well as with other didgeridoo players, crystal bowls, and drummers. The didgeridoo complements many instruments very well, and is a powerful force both for grounding and uplifting, perfect for reiki shares and group meditations.


If you’d like to have a didgeridoo player for your next event, please contact me at
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Please view the sample videos below.


Didgeridoo and drums at the 2016 Loudoun County International Festival. This is Spirit Vibe, with Jeff Halverson and Neal Peacock on drums, and Joe Gentile and myself on the didgeridoo:



Spirit Vibe at the 2017 Loudoun County International Festival:



A Yidaki didgeridoo crafted from eucalyptus by master traditional craftsman Djalu Guruwiwi:


A didgeridoo made from yucca: